Keeping Polish Traditions Alive


Every effort was made to ensure that the Polish language, traditions and culture were retained, and that the children were brought up with a strong awareness of all of these. National days were observed.


The Polish Saturday school was established in a hut, staffed by highly educated people. This aimed to instil the next generation with the spirit of religion and patriotism. At first the teachers taught without remuneration.

Children were taught Polish, reading and writing, and acquired knowledge of Polish culture and traditions. 

Polish regional and national dances were also taught to the children. Parents went to great efforts to dress the children in beautiful costumes.

The Catholic religion was a strong element. Weddings, christenings, First Holy Communion and the annual procession of Corpus Christi all reinforced the Polish identity as well as their faith.

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Event in costume at Hostel hall


Polish Hostel children during a feast


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