Irena Sokolowska


Memories of Marsworth from lrena Sokolowska - nee Bartoszewicz


Irena was 11 years old and was living at Wing Hostel near Leighton Buzzard, for children alone and later for families. It wasn't till her father had found work that they were able to get family accommodation together at Site 8, Marsworth. She used to be taken to the Polish school at Marsworth by Father Zmikowski until his tragic death in a road accident.


Marian Sokolowski with Janek Gruner outside his hut


Irena met her husband Marian at one of the many dances organised at Marsworth. The dances would regularly take place at a hall (a barrack) down the hill on the left from the village pub.


These dances and social events were opportunities for the many young single men and women to meet and form long lasting friendships and marriages - some reaching 50 years together.


She moved from Wing in 1955 to Luton then Dunstable They married in 1957.

Marian Sokolowski working at the cement works



Marian Sokolowski lived at Marsworth Hostel and first found work at the London Brick Company and then like many others worked at Marley Tiles in Leighton Buzzard. Buses would collect workers from Marsworth.


Genia Sokolowska with a local boy on a lock arm
Genia Sokolowska with her first bicycle in front of camp toilets - 1952
New Year's Eve dance 1954/5 at Marsworth. From L - Irena Sokoloska and parents Halina and Jan Bartoszewicz/Feliks with two other guests
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