Oleszkiewicz and Wesolowski families


Our thanks to Liz Kissane (born Elzunia Oleszkiewicz) for supplying these photographs.


These two families lived next door to each other at Site 3. One of the huts is the last hut remaining of the Polish Hostel.



Wesolowski and Oleszkiewicz families at Site 3


Olenka and Waldek Wesolowski with Elzunia in front; my dad's mum, my ‘Babcia’, visiting from Poland; and my Dad, Anatol Oleszkiewicz.


My uncle and aunt lived in the barrack second to the left from ours.

Elzunia Oleszkiewicz with parents Anatol and Halinka; Site 3 1958
Elzunia Oleszkiewicz outside barrack in site 3


The following photos supplied by Krystyna Gabrys (nee Oleszkiewicz)


Although I think life was quite tough for the adults, for us children Marsworth was a wonderful place to grow up, a carefree, special existence, almost magical, which has very special memories for all those who grew up at the Polish camp. We loved it and often come back to visit.


Krystina Gabrys


Krystyna and Maria (Halinka) Oleszkiewicz at Site 3
Outside the Wesolowski hut, site 3 - Waldemar Wesolowski with Irena and baby Mieczyslaw, and Krystyna Oleszkiewicz (R)
Waldemar, Aleksandra, Mieczyslaw and Irena Wesolowski
Krystyna and Irena playing with Site 3 washblock behind
Elizabeth Oleszkiewicz and Mieczyslaw (Michael) Wesolowski on the swing at site 3 with Melania (Mela) Jeron
Irena Wesolowska and Krystyna Oleszkiewicz at the nursery school
Krystyna Oleszkiewicz and Irena Wesolowska riding tricycles at Site 3
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