Jan Sadowski


In his own words:


I was born in Poland.


At the outbreak of war in 1939 I was wounded during fighting in Ciecanowie. After recovering, I ended up being interned. I joined the Polish Free Army and took part in fighting at Tobruk, Gaza and Bardii, and in the Italian campaign at Monte Cassino, Ossimo, Ancona and Bologna.


After the war ended I came over in 1946 with the rest of the 2nd Corps of the Polish Army to England to the Camp at Brandon.


After demobilisation I was allocated to the resettlement camp at Marsworth. Here after training for work I found employment with my wife at Vauxhall and bought a house in Dunstable.


Jan has been an active member of the Polish Ex-Combatants Association in the Luton/Dunstable Branch and in the local Polish community.


From ‘Dunstable and District at War’

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