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Marsworth Village Sign - The Journey


When the idea of a Village Sign was put to the Parish Council in early 2016, they had a discussion among themselves and decided they would not be able to fund such a project so it seemed it was then dead in the water.


However, Sandra Costello happened to be at that meeting and she was not going to let it end there. She felt that Marsworth was worth it and I happened to agree.


Together we pulled together a team of volunteers and started to plan what we needed to do to make this happen.


A Village Sign is a pictorial representation of the village’s identity and records its heritage for future generations to enjoy. It separates the village from any other, showing its unique characteristics and personality.


First of all we needed to engage with the rest of the villagers to get an idea of what they wanted the sign to look like and then to ask for their support financially. We needed well over £4000 so how were we going to raise the funds?


Well we needn’t have worried. Money started to pour in from residents, and local organisations such as the WI and the Steam Rally committee showed that they were behind us with their very generous contributions.


The team then set about researching to find potential suppliers, not difficult, as there are not many in the country to choose from as it turned out, and to get a price so we could then set our target. Local company, Signs of the Times was commissioned and were happy to work with us to get it just right. Luckily they were not based too far away so that we were able to make a number of visits.


The team looked at various funding opportunities and a breakthrough came when our District Councillor Derek Town put us in touch with the Grants Officer at AVDC. It turned out we needed the help of the Parish Council to apply for any grants. Understanding our position, the PC stepped in and agreed to help and we are truly grateful for the advice and guidance they have given us, particularly Councillor Bob Kennedy.


What Defines Marsworth?


After chatting to local residents and reading up on the history of Marsworth, the team started to build a picture of what should be included in the sign. So what defines Marsworth? There are so many historic features in the village, which we just wouldn't have room for on the Sign.


The main feature we all agreed on was the CANAL, which had the biggest impact in Marsworth’s history when it was built and continues to be popular with locals, visitors, boaters and fishermen today. It runs right through the middle of the Parish, which could have split it in two when it was built. But no, we also got bridges to hold the community together. So a BRIDGE was a must for the sign. We have twelve locks in Marsworth of which seven enable boats to travel up and down the side of the Chiltern Hills – represented by the LOCK in the picture. The DIAMOND SIGN reminds us of a bygone age before lorries and heavy vehicles trundled across our bridges.


Marsworth is proud to have its own CHURCH, All Saints, which draws the community together. Marsworth’s roots are in farming which you will see here with the FIELDS OF HAY in the background. We cannot ignore the RESERVOIRS, essential to control the water levels in the canal, and that while only partially in the Parish, they draw people from miles away to Marsworth with their wildlife, walks and excellent FISHING.


Finally, Marsworth has existed since at least 975 AD and it was recorded in the DOMESDAY BOOK in 1086, when the village was then called MISSEVORDE, meaning, Maessa’s Inclosure.


The Unveiling


Sandra and I would like to give special thanks to the team, Josie Kempster, Bev Ralphs, John and Gill White who helped us to pull this all together. Their contributions have been invaluable.


We hope you are happy with what we have created and our Village Sign goes on to record and advertise the SMALL village of Marsworth for many years to come. Marsworth IS worth it!

The position of High Sherriff of Buckinghamshire has existed for about as long as Marsworth so it is quite fitting that our current High Sherriff should be asked to unveil our Village Sign - The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire 2017-2018, Mr Peter Kara.

Elaine Standen, Marsworth Village Sign, Project co-ordinator





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