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Brownlow Bridge - Weight Limit Reduction to 18 tonnes


This webpage is to inform local residents and businesses about the reduction of the weight limit  on the Brownlow bridge on the B488 in Ivinghoe, its impact and related matters. It will be progressively updated as more information is received.


Bucks CC have issued the above information regarding public consultation which will be undertaken during coming weeks.


The Brownlow Bridge in Ivinghoe has become subject to an 18 tonne weight limit following a saftey check by Canals & Rivers Trust.


Bucks CC have engaged a professional Freight Strategy Manager to investigate and advise on the situation and he is supportive of restoring it to full capacity (44 tonnes) but only for local businesses. However this is entirely subject to confirmation and approvals by County authorities and so cannot be taken as the definite way forwards. Anne Wight's  report follows:


Dear all,
In response to some of your queries regarding the TTRO on the Brownlow Bridge, I have the following statement from our Freight Strategy officer.    I hope this will answer any questions regarding the bridge TTRO and the current situation with regard to the Freight Strategy.
The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) on the Brownlow Bridge was put in place on the 09th May 2019 as a result of structural integrity issues raised by the Canals & Rivers Trust. Although The maximum period of time a TTRO can be in place is 18 month this one was introduced for a period of 12 months. The plan at the time was for the first 6 months to be taken exploring options, taking advise from engineers and others and working towards finding the way forward. The second 6 months period was to be used to cover the approval process, the statutory public consultation and to commission and undertake any works required from the proposal.  
We are presently on schedule, having found what believe is the best solution available. There are still some open aspects to be covered off but we hope to be able to position for internal approvals shortly after which we will be able to bring it for public consultation. We are keen to have the bridge and the wider concerns about HGV traffic flows resolved as soon as we can however, we do appreciate the current pressures and concerns. We also understand that it is unlikely we will be able to please everyone 100% and that there will need to be a focus on working collaboratively to address any issues that arise.
We would ask for the continued goodwill and patience of the residents, communities and local businesses as we strive to deliver our proposals, gain support and get any works complete as quickly as we can.
I hope this helps answer any questions which you and your residents might have at the present time.  I will keep parishes updated as to further developments as and when they arise. 
Many thanks for your continued support and patience as we try to finalise the freight strategy proposals.










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